Tips For Moving Your Beloved Pets

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Moving house is stressful for us, but can be even worse for our pets. Animals who live in cages are generally okay, however cats and dogs usually get quite anxious. Following are some ideas and tips to help settle your pet into your new home. CATS Everyone has heard stories of cats running away from their new houses to return to their old homes. It’s traumatic for cats having to move as they get so used to their surroundings and know their territory. Taking the below precautions can ensure a smooth transition. Moving Time: When it comes to moving, your

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6 Helpful Tips for an Eco-Friendly Move

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Moving house doesn’t have to be wasteful and harsh on the environment. It is a trying time and it’s easy to take shortcuts, which often result in you spending or wasting money that could be saved. Follow these 6 handy tips to save your money and reduce your carbon footprint. When you have moving in mind and are beginning to look for new houses, start hoarding packing materials such as cardboard boxes, bubble or plastic wrap, even newspaper. If the day comes and you have nothing, call your friends, family and even local dairies/supermarkets to see if they have any

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Young woman waving goodbye as she leans out of a railway carriage window

A Young Persons Guide-10 quick tips for moving cities

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People move at various stages of life, and some transitions require significantly more thought than others. Moving house is generally not easy, and adding the difficulty of distances or cultures will only help to exacerbate that fact. It is a common theme for young people especially in New Zealand, to finish school or university and decide “it’s time for a change”, have a sudden to need to spread their wings and experience something new before settling down into the rat race. Low on money, experience, and streetwise, this won’t always be easy. And with that in mind this article will

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Finding Great Flatmates

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A great flatmate is an extremely valuable commodity, and as such they are unfortunately not always easy to come by! To make matters worse, not everybody’s perception of the ideal flatmate is the same, so even if you are looking to move in with someone who comes highly recommended, they may not be everything you hoped for. Whether you are leaving the nest for the first time, or looking to relocate after a bad experience, good flatmates are undeniably what you want. We may even go as far to say that the behaviour of your flatmates will be the difference between

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Free Moving Services

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It’s always nice to get things for free, however when moving house, freebies are unfortunately few and far between. Even enlisting the help of your friends and loved ones might require some sort of bribe or promise to return the favour. In saying that, the crew at movinghousetips.co.nz have put together a list of all the free (or very cheap!) services which might make your next move just a bit easier. www.smartmove.co.nz                              If you are looking to enlist professionals for your next move, try Smart Move to get accurate

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Cheaper Power – Some Truth’s About New Zealands Electricity Market

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There has been a significant amount of publicity in popular media lately in regard to switching power companies to save on your electric bill. In fact www.powerswitch.co.nz reports that they have made over 35,000 switches since June 2011, meaning that many New Zealand consumers are undoubtedly looking for the cheaper option. What You Didn’t Know Few people know that there are actually 18 electricity retailers in New Zealand. Of these companies however, only 5 service all (or the majority) of New Zealand, with the others supplying power only to certain areas or regions. This therefore means that there are generally

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Moving House Tips – 14 gems to help you with your next move

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There comes a time in everyone’s life when you must face the music and do the almost unthinkable, MOVE HOUSE… With soo much to do, it’s no wonder that even the most diligent and thorough of movers forgets at least 1 or 2 seemingly insignificant but (apparently) crucially important activities! Now ranked as one of the most stressful life events that one can undertake, we understand that not too many people would say moving house is fun. In light of that we have here 14 fantastic moving tips, to make your move a bit more bearable in 2012…  1. Start Early

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The moving house checklist

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Moving house is never easy. And if you’ve never done it before, then you must be prepared for a few curve balls. There is a long list of things that need doing and when it comes to moving day, not enough time or hands to get them all done! If you have read our article on moving house tips you will notice that one of the first things we recommend you do is to make a list. With that in mind, here is a moving house checklist to help you get everything done for your next move.   3-4 Weeks

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Tall Poppies Growing Here

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Stand out. And Come Prepared. This is some important advice when faced with the task of finding a house in the busy Auckland rental market. I asked Susan Wendell from Wendell Property Management what a prospective tenant can do to ensure they are noticed in what can often be a throng of enthusiastic (and sometimes desperate) tenants. What the expert says Her answer seemed simple but Susan is continually surprised by how ill prepared applicants can be. “Bring a copy of your most recent references for both work and from your previous landlord. If you do not have written copies, then

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Tips to Avoid Renting a Meth lab Contaminated Home

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When finding a place to rent, few people give thought to whether or not the property they are looking at might have been used as a meth lab or was rented out by meth users. However, when long term exposure to the chemicals associated with meth labs can kill you, it is something that really should be on your checklist of ‘Things to consider when Choosing a Place to Rent’. This TV3 story tells what it is like to face the consequences of moving into a meth lab contaminated property. This article looks at how to best avoid a meth

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