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Find the cheapest deals on broadband in your area with our free broadband provider comparison service

Are you looking to compare broadband providers to find the best deals on broadband? We can help! There are lots of different providers, with different packages, contracts and options to choose from. Instead of figuring out the best broadband deal yourself, let us do it for you.

Why Compare Broadband Deals with Fast Connect?

Fast Connect can help you to find the best broadband deals, whether you need the fibre, on contract or no contract, high-speed, wireless, prepaid and more. See below for some of our current broadband deals:

  • 6 months half price unlimited broadband to save over $250!
  • $85 a month for high-speed fibre 900/400 + a FREE modem
  • Wireless broadband starting at $55 a month with a $100 credit

Broadband Packages

If you are also looking to compare your power, home phone or TV services, we can also look at broadband packages to find you the best plan. We can look at all of our home services to see the best broadband and home phone deals, best TV, broadband and home phone packages, or best power and broadband deals. If you’re interested in a separate power provider comparison, we can arrange that for you for free as well.

How do I Compare Broadband Deals with Fast Connect?


Step 1 – Get in touch with Fast Connect to compare broadband

We need to know your address, what you’re paying, and what plan you’re on (unlimited broadband, prepaid, no contract, wireless etc). You can either let us know these details or send through a recent bill. It’s also helpful if you let us know if you’re on a mobile plan with Spark, 2degrees or Vodafone, as they sometimes offer broadband discounts.


Step 2 – Get sent the best deals on broadband

After comparing your broadband with the best broadband deals, we’ll let you know the best broadband plan for you! If you’re already getting it, we’ll let you know that too!


Step 3 – Get connected

If we find you a better deal on broadband, we can get you connected to your new broadband plan, for free! As we deal with all major suppliers, we’ll be able to ensure a smooth transition from your previous provider to your new provider, with minimal disruption to your broadband services.